Affiliate Program Nios4

Nios4, the only platform in Italy to create low-code management system has an excellent affiliation program built for IT consultants, expert Influencer and anyone who wants to increase its business.

Earn money immediately with Nios4 by becoming affiliate reseller

You have a customer base interested in using our Softwares, both in Cloud and for users?         
Become an affiliate partner, by selling our programs to your customers and earning a 20% commission on annual subscriptions.
You don't need an initial investment to be part of the affiliate program.
No additional costs to bear.

How to affiliate

1. Visit the website and press on the top right on Login. Proceed to the registration, filling all the required fields other than email and password.
Direct Link:

2. Once the Registration / Login is complete, press the Nios4 account at the top right and select Affiliate program in the drop-down menu, click on the request affiliation button and you will have to fill in few information via email with a few details including the Paypal account on which to receive the payment of commissions. Once the first phase has been completed, the links with the affiliate codes for our programs will be visible within your newly registered Nios4 account and will be used by your customers to automatically identify who they are affiliated with.

The affiliate program provides for the following earnings:

For the Purchase of Cloud Licenses for 12 months, Local Standard Licenses and Addons Components with pubblic Price, 20% commission is recognised.
For Addons on request without public Prices and for Hours of direct Support, 20% discount is recognised if you reach 500,00 € + Vat of Monthly Turnover.

With reference to the current Cloud price lists, in detail the gain is:

- Size Cloud S -  1000 total records  --> 5,00 €
- Size Cloud M - 2500 total records  --> 10,00 €
- Size Cloud L -  5000 total records  --> 15,00 €

- Up to 2 Users --> 45,00 €
- Up to 4 Users --> 68,00 €
- 5+ Users --> 72,00 € ( count x 5 users)


How commissions work
D-One is committed to pay the Affiliate the amount within 45 days via PayPal to the Account indicated in the registration.
Invoicing is carried out when a minimum amount of € 200.00 is reached, in the registry entered in the registration.
In compliance with the philosophy of the platform and the business model adopted, no territorial exclusives matched to ip addresses to a single affiliate.
To allow everyone to find their area consultant, everyone, including affiliates, is given the opportunity to appear on the Nios4 Consultants page, reporting the details - website - and the reference territory in which they operate.

How long do the cookies last?
According to the actual rules that govern cookies use, these expire after 30 days.
The customer doesn't have to buy a Nios4 subscription immediately after clicking your link. As long as customers sign up within 30 days of clicking on the affiliate link, the affiliate receives a commission.

Marketing initiatives
The Promotion and Marketing initiatives that the Affiliate wants to undertake will be supported financially by his own efforts, and must respect the Disclaimer accepted during the Registration
Direct Marketing and Social Campaigns are entirely the Affiliate responsibility who committs to use the Assets provided by D-One.

It is also forbidden to associate Nios4 and its Brands and Templates with inappropriate products and content such as:
- images that damage the people personal image or that use Minors and their images
- disclose advertising on clothing
It is allowed the use of the Logo and its official declinations collected in the Assets provided by D-One for:
- set-up exhibition stand
- setting up company vehicles and vehicles in general
- Hardware sponsorships
- activation of social channels
- Landing Page creation
- editorials and articles in print and online sector portals

Use of materials for their own training and that of their customers
All video content produced by us are made available together with the manuals written on the developer site , so knowledge of our programs is mandatory.
Training on the use of our management systems is the responsibility of the affiliate who will have to provide assistance and training to his customers, taking care of
making changes to the basic management systems if requested by the customers.
We can provide additional training material on request, if there is a specific and justified need.

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