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Nios4 is a data management software platform, that is a framework that allows the creation and distribution of management data both in Cloud and on a local network, easily customizable and dinamically updatable.

Flexible and customizable
It allows you to create custom databases even for those who are not programmers
Simple but evolved
Design and customization of sections and tables facilitated by the drag and drop of the fields
Accessible in costs
The direct contact with us, without intermediaries, allows us to reduce adaptation costs
The flexible architecture allows the coupling with data sources and software already present in the companies
Complete Scripting language integrated in all 5 systems to solve the most specific needs
Direct contact with the technical staff able to provide adequate support for every need

Discover ready to use customizable templates

Download the platform on your device or sign in from the Web and choose from one of the templates already available, to be immediately operational in the management of your data or use it as a starting point to create your database completely customized according to your needs

If you can't find the data management that you want, create it.

Using the integrated tools it is possible to create any type of data management. You shape your database. Then you can use it on all supported systems: Windows, Mac OS X, iOS, Android and Web. Both online and offline. You can also export your database as a template to be able to share it with others.

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All Features you need to work better

You always know where you are Thanks to the integrated GPS functions you can mark the position of where your data is collected. Remember everything Use phone reminders and notifications to never forget anything. Design your data sheet however you want Edit the data sheet to make it super efficient. You can create different cards for each user. arrow_forward Divide the data by users n addition to permissions, you can assign data to one or more users. Each user thus sees only his data and those you decide.

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Complete programs developed with the platform

Through the Nios4 platform you can create your program to resell to your customers. In fact, the system was designed to be rebranded by changing name and logo. Being based on a database template, each program can have a completely cutomized database with highly verticalized automation and sections.

Download NIOS4 app

From the management of assistance interventions to the electronic invoicing, you'll have all synchronized on your desktop, tablet and mobile.
Create the invoices and the work reports directly from your smartphone / tablet, take pictures of the carried out work directly inside the app, send invoices and the intervention reports in PDF, then, with a simple automatic synchronization, you'll find your updated data on all other workstations.

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