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Discounts Details and reserved Commissions to Nios4 Partners for market our data management solutions

We are looking for commercial Partners for the distribution of our programs created starting from our No-Code Nios4 platform.

We have chosen to distribute our Nios4 management solutions also through alternative sales networks to the classic Software Houses, such as companies and Leader consultants in their reference markets, which already provide other services to companies and for which our programs can become a tool for cross-selling, or an additional service to generate income and customer loyalty.

We are therefore looking for new Partners all over the world, to whom we can offer innovative products, positioned on the market at competitive prices combined with an interesting marginality, even on the occasion of renewals in following years.

The commercialization

The amounts dues to D-One, so real costs for the Partners, are represented exclusively from Cloud spaces and local Licences that Partners resell to their Customers. Here follows the Listings detail of the several commercialization programs we have.

"Affiliate" Program

-Purchase of Cloud Licences for 12 months of ours programs, 20 % gain is recognised for every year of Cloud susbscription.

Gain example on current price list on annual Cloud:
Cloud at Records
Size Cloud S -  1000 total records  --> gain of 5,00 €
Size Cloud M - 2500 total records  --> gain of 10,00 €
Size Cloud L -  5000 total records  --> gain of 15,00 €

Cloud at Users
- Up to 2 Users --> gain of 45,00 €
- Up to 4 Users --> gain of 68,00 €
- 5+ Users --> gain of 72,00 € ( count x 5 users)

"Template Reseller" Program

The Template price is decided from the Template Reseller and it cannot be less than the price of the Cloud Basic of D-One.
Here the link to the price details of the Basic:

The Business model applied to this Commercialization is the one of Google Play, so D-One manages Templates paiements and related Addons Components and receives a 40% of the sale amout of the Model. The remaining 60% is due to the Template Reseller.

Here a practical example of a Cloud Size S for a Template sold at 5.00 € per month:
- the final Customer payes 60.00 € tax included, of which 36.00 € go to the Template Reseller and 24.00 € to D-One.

D-One makes available a page of detail of its Template to the Template Reseller complete of icon, detail, screenshot and price list plus a dedicated space in the MarketPlace for the Addons Components.

Please send all Graphic material of the Template directly to stating the name of the Template.


"Software Integrator" Program

Leaves to you the entire gain on integration system that you will develop. On the Cloud sale and local Licences it is due to you, as per the affiliate program, a 20 % discount forever and even on Addons with Public Prices, on sale in the Marketplace.


"White Label" Program

The white label investment divides in an initial part one-off of project structure,that we name as initial Setup White Label and of an additional cost represented from the annual maintenance of the cloned platform. Here follows the pricing detail:

Initial setup:
 - Basic package that includes the development of the Windows, Android version and the Web App: price € 5,000.00 + VAT / one-off

In the price mentioned above it is provided a panel to manage Users and Orders 

 - Additional Apple package to also have the MAC OS and iOS App version: price € 2,000.00 + VAT / one-off

 Annual fee:
 - € 700.00 + VAT per operating system

All the technical service on your customers is completely yours and on Cloud sales and local licenses, we give you a discount of 20%.
We specify that normally the Branded Platform reside on D-One Servers.

Technical Support

Nios4 Technical Team is always available for targeted supports and tailored training, that are agreed each time according to the needs. 

To Partner companies, 20% Discount is offered on Hours packages, if Monthly Turnover of 500 € +TVA is reached, for training and assistance, so instead of the standard fare of 60,00 €/hour, the following packages are expected:

A) Package Voucher of 3 hours - 55,00 € Vat included/ hour
B) Package Voucher of 5 hours - 52,00 € Vat included/ hour
C) Package Voucher over 5 hours - 50,00 € Vat included/ hour

Do you need further assistance?
Our experts will help you create the right solution or find the right partner for your needs.

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