Warehouse management with Loading and Unloading Online

Multiple Warehouses and on the move with Stock availability always correct and updated

You can say goodbye to manual data entry and  to Excel for Warehouse management.
With the Warehouse Addon you always know in real time the value of your central and itinerant Warehouses!
Supplier Orders, the Reorders and Return Management will no longer be your daily nightmare.



How we do it

  • quantities always available  
    Loading and Unloading of Items are executed also for those who work on mobile outside the company

    You decide who has access to multiple warehouses and on the move warehouses


    Stock inventory always available, Returns, goods Reorder and Picking set by you on stock level

      How we manage the Warehouse


Loading and Unloading of items in the Warehouse are set in the program as you need them to be. Available on all operating systems: Windows, MAC, Web, Android and iOS Apps.

- Loading with purchase Transport document, purchase Invoices and, if it is also needed manually by the employees to have a detailed check on each code
- as the procedures can also be done on mobile devices, operators can check on the spot the Warehouse situation and add the quantities purchased to have stocks situation under control in a short time

- unloading happens when you save documents
In the office as for those who work in the field always has the correct and updated stocks in real time and can plan the activities that depend on the flows of the warehouse.



What our customers say about it

Case History Loading Unloading Warehouse with PocketSell

Unloading of MULTIPLE warehouses for the management of franchising

Ideal for those who manage sales force, shops, franchising branches. The typical scenario in which the unloading of warehouse online resolves the management of various outlets managed from local sellers with a central warehouse that triggers the reordering or picking based on the level of stock of the detached warehouses. Make life easier with PocketSell. Now the store manager of Manchester will always know the updated quantities present in the store, the same thing will do the owners of the other stores of Liverpool, New Castle etc... The manager of the warehouse in London sees all the stocks updated, both for the central warehouse that of all the sales stores and decides what the store manager can see and modify, limiting the accesses. This has reduced the frequent errors due to the failure to return the unsold of the various stores that could not be correctly attributed.

How many times a product return has remained unsold but not correctly recorded in the store inventory and therefore not returned to the central warehouse in London for proper disposal, generating errors. With PocketSell Warehouse Thomas has the quantities of the store always updated, every store manager sees everything but can not change the data of other stores. Fewer errors, endless users, more efficiency with 1 program only.


  Thomas - Restaurant Manager in Manchester in Franchising



Case history Loading Unloading Warehouse with D-TEC

WORK Order Management and Material Reordering in site

For those who manage long-term contracts in site construction, working teams in construction sector in different construction sites and technical interventions in the field. The working team goes to the construction site for a 1-year redevelopment contract. The management of materials movement are brought to the construction site from the main building site according to the progress of the work. The management of the movement of materials is the responsibility of the foreman who must get the materials from the storage site to the construction site without delaying the next work phase. A real relay race.
Lucas uses D-TEC data management Program to plan the weekly workloads for his work team and the materials that arrive on site according to the progress of the workloads. The loading and unloading of items are visible in the warehouse of D-TEC, Lucas at the beginning of the week loads the building materials arrived at the construction site from the central storage site and at the end of the week unloads those used by the orders. He has always an updated availabilities of the stocks in site and can ask the reordering of the stocks come down under the levels from he set.
Materials on site always updated, inventory level visible in the headquarters and detached warehouses at any time.
Lucas with the Cloud of D-TEC has an inventory always updated for each construction site starting from 9 € per month.


Lucas - Site manager in construction site in Cornwall



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