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Nios4 implements Artificial Intelligence in its Platform, the no. 1 in Italy for the creation of customized solutions for companies and medium-sized enterprises

ChatGPT has been on everyone's lips for months now, and is in the company of many other artificial intelligences: what can we expect from the future? What does the arrival of ChatGPT imply for companies in the most varied sectors?

If I were ChatGPT and they asked me “Has artificial intelligence started a revolution?” Absolutely yes.

But I would also add that it is up to us, professionals of all kinds, to decide how to experience this change. Rather than thinking about whether or not a machine can steal our job, let's think about how to exploit it to improve our work.

We have entered an era in which, if we think about something, we can see it created before our eyes, even without having the specific technical or intellectual ability to create it.

Having similar tools available is like having an infinite source of ideas, ideas and new perspectives at hand, ready to support us in daily life.

Discover how to incorporate artificial intelligence into your most complex and critical workflows. Use Nios4 AI to manage, for example, the Assistance Request Tickets you receive from your customers, to find new business ideas and provide your customers with fast, quality support.

We're excited to share updates that transform your workflows, enhance Nios4 apps, and help you work better, faster.

Choosing Nios4 Professional Apps with integrated OpenAI services allows companies to exploit advanced artificial intelligence technologies developed by leading AI researchers. In this way it is possible to increase operational efficiency, stay ahead of the competition and achieve business objectives thanks to cutting-edge AI systems.

How can you use Nios4 AI?
Back and forth using the integrated Chatbot where you can write freely
SQL interactions to do advanced searches on your Cloud data and integrated into the Nios4 data synchronization system
Document research with an integrated Chat Bot that works on your database

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