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Earn with your data management system, don't start from zero, start from an existing Template and build your solution

Nios4 Template Reseller Program

Make your customers evolve towards digital transformation and bring your company in the first line in No-code native App development.

Exploiting the tools and systems drag and drop present in Nios4, you by yourself or in Service together with us, you develop a new Template, on the model of ideal data management for customers needs.

You have the chance to start from one of our Nios4 Template already integrated, so exploit a pre existing model of data management, or start from zero with a new Template tailored for you.

Customized Logo and Dashboard

We make available a Welcome page in the template you develop, where you can insert your company log and provide a customized presentation view to offer to your customer that needs the template, in order to present its company, its details, the services he provides. A showcase to be visualized on the template completely customizable.

Create. Integrate. Resell

Create your management Template, D-One assigns a Series number with your Name to identify clearly the installed and sold Clouds connected to you.

The sale price of your Template is free and You decide it.

-earn 100% on your Template

-earn 100% on your Customers

-discount -20% on Cloud and local Licence

Costs of Cloud space to pay to D-One are those officials of price lists with a 20% discount for all Cloud formulas, both for Size and Users.   

All customization needs, assistance and training of your Customers on Nios4 management solution, are your earning and make your business opportunities grow.

Tecnical Support

Nios4 Technical Team is always available for targeted supports and tailored training, that are agreed each time according to the needs.
To Partner's companies, 20% Discount is offered on Hours packages for training and assistance, if minimum Monthly Turnover is 1.000,00 € + VAT.

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