Nios4 White Label

The opportunity to sell a data management solution for which you have no production costs nor technologic investments

Keep up with the evolution of digital transformation

Dedicated to companies that have reached high training standard on our platform, Nios4 White Label implies the cloning and branding of the entire platform, for all 5 operating systems.

You will be able to offer to your Customers a definitive data management solution marked with your Logo and with a specific Template, developed from you and integrated in the software.

The No-Code system of Nios4 platform wil enable you to execute rapidly and easily the further changes and adaptations that will be requested to you, reducing development timings for changes.

Rapidity and efficiency have an immediate economic impact

With Nios4 development and maintenance costs decrease significantly, with increase in margins and competitiveness on the market.
In these years of collaboration with our Partners, we had the confirmation of an average reduction of 80% of Total Cost of Ownership.


reduction time to market

reduction Total Cost of Ownership

reduction development costs


For technical responsibles the skill shortage will no longer be a problem. Through the use of Nios4 platform and of all its development environments, it's much easier to develop innovative Applications with the only technical skills already available in the company.      

All-in-One Solution

In addition to the software platform are also made available:

 - backend administration for license management of your customers, completely in parallel to that of D-One, even if they always reside on our servers
- new Developer Account for Android and Apple with you Company name    
- Android and iOS Apps with your pubblic name and logo on Google Play and Apple Store


The investment for the white label is divided into an initial part of progect structuring, initial Setup and an annual maintenance fee and server use.

 Initial Setup provides that:

 - Basic Package that includes the development of Windows, Android version and the Web App
- Apple Package (optional) additional to also have the MAC OS version and iOS App
- Annual fee of mantenaince and updating, in parallel to our platform:

- all updates that D-One releases for Nios4 platform are also made available for yours. It is therefore to be expected a complete updating service and maintenance for all operating systems and that include repubblishing activities for your customized Apps in the Store


Further earning included in this commercialization way  is representes from the Service and Consultancies towards the final Customer. The technical support and the extensions that will be requested on your rebranded Nios4 platform, are managed and organized in full autonomy from you, defining a great margin of earning.
On Cloud and local licences sale, you have forever a 20% discount on price list.
Except specific needs, Branded platform stays always on Server AWS of D-One.    

Tecnical Support

Nios4 Technical Team is always available for targeted supports and tailored training, that are agreed each time according to the needs.
To Partner's companies that make minimum monthly turnover of 1.000,00 € + VAT, Discount is granted on Hours packages for training and assistance, so instead of standard fare of 60,00 €/hour, the following packages are proposed:

A) Package Voucher of 3 hours - 55,00 € Vat included/ hour
B) Package Voucher of 5 hours - 52,00 € Vat included/ hour
C) Package Voucher over 5 hours - 50,00 € Vat included/ hour

Is it the level of customization you were looking for?


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