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We address Software Houses, System Integrator and IT Consultants that want to propose solutions aimed at digital innovation and at digital company asset.

If your customer audience needs to integrate to the software program currently in use, solutions to work in mobility with native iOS and Android Apps, the No-Code Nios4 platform is the perfect solution.

A framework to develop native Apps that work offline without internet and that integrate the working tools in use, without distroying what exists now but only implementing.

Starting from your technical competencies, using API and Nios4 web service, you are ready to develop your system integrator, tailored to your Customers needs.       

Economic advantages

All the integration systems that you will develop for your Customers are your economic benefit and advantage. The only cost you have to face are Cloud and local licences, that you purchase at a discounted price dedicated to the Partners.

- earn 100% on integration system
- earn 100% on customization that your Customers request
- discount -20% on all Nios4 Licences, both Cloud and Locals
- discount -20% on all addons components available in the Marketplace

It is yours the entire earning relative to the integration system that you develop and the extensions that your Customers wil request you, but you can always count on our support for the analysis and studies of specific cases. A work shared together, executed, if necessary even in remote assistance together with our specialized Team, with the objectve of Customer satisfaction.
On Cloud and Local Licences sale, it is recognised a 20% discount on pubblic price List, as per all Nios4 addons components and products present in the Marketplace.


Reports and interfaces completely customisable

Thanks to the integrated system of Script is possible to have Dashboard and other custom panels as opening.


Tecnical Support

Nios4 Technical Team is always available for targeted supports and tailored training, that are agreed each time according to the needs.
To Partner companies, discounts are offered on Hours packages for the training and assistance, so instead of the standard fare of 60,00 €/hour, the following packages are expected:

A) Package Voucher of 3 hours - 55,00 € Vat included/ hour
B) Package Voucher of 5 hours - 52,00 € Vat included/ hour
C) Package Voucher over 5 hours - 50,00 € Vat included/ hour  

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