App Tracker Nios4 for checking and tracking of staff at work

Track. Detect. Monitor

The certainty of knowing where your employees are fisically at work!

What does the App Tracker Nios4 garantee to you?

- verify movements of each operator on mobile

- control timing of stop per Techncian in a Range of date

- automate the retrieve of GPS position

- respect the privacy policy rules


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Recuperate the position and the presence of the employees at work, in real Time. A service in parallel to your management solution Nios4 that solves easily physical detection of collaborators everywhere they are.

It’s possible to check where your staff is located, working on construction sites or moving the sales network to customers. You can control their movements and routes throughout the day by viewing them conveniently on the map divided and filtered by users and date.

You set every how many minutes the App should recover the location and the program alerts the operator with a notification of a report. The GPS geolocation is not continuous and respects the indications of the Privacy Policy, is unique to each operators and never interferes with the use of the smartphone and other Apps. You can also freely decide which and how many technicians, operators you want to track, to optimize data verification.

From the web area with a Link you can access the admin panel to manage and configure all the settings: users n, the database of the program, email addresses to associate to the individual user and the activity of tracking.

Download the APK of the GPS tracker APP Android on the smartphone at this adress:

After, write us to request us the activation of the service for your Database.

ManAgement of a team of 20 operators of technical assistance

Our Reseller Partner Josè found himself having to solve the impossibility of verifying that the time taken to carry out interventions on the field of 20 employees of a Watery company was correct.

- Tracking of Technicians
- Start and end of works
- Detection route done by the staff Out of the Office
- available in 2 languages because the technicians are bilingual

Achieved with the Nios4 Tracker

  •   GPS tracking with Nios4 App Android Tracker, in parallel with the D-TEC management app
  •   Administrator panel Tracker settings to the Web-app with the same credentials of the Database
  •     free choice of users to track
  •     multilingual system
  •     check of the physical position at the end of attendance equal to that stated in the signed or official documents


We proposed the Nios4 Tracking active for 20 technicians, working as maintainers at private customers. Josè immediately tested it in the water company where he is in charge with the software D-TEC for the daily planning of workloads of maintenance technicians.

He was able to prove and verify that the times indicated by the technicians in the work reports and maintenance were correct, localizing the route and the time of the technicians in the map of the program.
GPS tracking is completely in parallel to D-TEC management software, so as not to create confusion in the maps of the program. It covered an important gap in the verification of the work carried out, the check of the real path of the technicians and the correctness of the data entered in the tax documents. Technicians receive notifications that the tracking is active and in progress, in total compliance with privacy rules.


For details on settings
Manual step by step in using of Nios4 Tracking App Android. Read the Manual

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