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  • ATOPE - Informática Rápida

    Informatica Rapida is a company of information service, with technicians that love their work and that always look for the best solution for any activity.

    Its services include:
    - Computer and server repairing, Informatic networks maintenances.
    - Implementing, consulting and training on data management softwares.
    - Software for controlling and monitoring of technical service (D-One/ReportOne).
    - Web pages creation, Social Network Promotion.

    Lleida - Barcelona (SPAIN)

    Company specialised in selling, renting and repairing of office and photographic equipment.
    Complete services in the field of Xerox equipments: multifunctions, photocopiers, printers, scanner, fax.    
    Sale of consumption materials, informatic equipments and softwares. Xegora is expanding its services towards the sector of data
    management systems
    , given the increasing demand of integrable platforms aimed at who has no informatic competencies.

    Cluj-Napoca (ROMANIA)


    Tieka managed to get several international companies on board and Lutiek Group provided services to them for several years including distribution and marketing. Currently, Tieka has several companies among which one is specialised in social media marketing and digital marketing, one of Websites design and Lutiek Health a company of distribution of products related to Covid -19. Lutiek group is based in Welkom, Free State, South Africa.
    Tieka offers digital marketing solutions and Website creation all over the world.


    Welcom, South Africa (AFRICA)

  • VILLA CIRO External Consultancy Activity on Dylog Spa products for two Software Houses with headquarter in Campania and affiliate Partner to the Nios4 Platform with direct resell of Licences on Campania territory. Customization service of Nios4 integrated Template with personalization of sections and interfaces.

    Naples (ITALY)

  • NOVUS srl Novus srl, accredited Zucchetti Dealer, borned in 2004 and at today brags more than 35 employees all over Italy. The staff is very eterogeneous as the company is convinced that is right to give opportunities to young generations, side by side with people with more than 20 years experienced in the sector. System Integrator of Nios4 Platform, it developed a direct integration with D-TEC solution for the automated maintenance management, supporting the management solution Nios4 to Zucchetti ones.

    Desio - Monza Brianza (

  • Mekraken Srl

    MEKRAKEN is a web agency that offers even IT consultancy service and IT assistance and it has as objective the simplification of informatic activities within the company. During the years we have put together a Team of experts so to offer solutions at 360 degrees for any informatic need, succeding in covering all necessary roles to help our customers in every aspect linked to computerized activities.

    Treviso (ITALY)