Trucking manager

The model for trucking has been structured to manage the entry of customer billss and generate a shipment or a withdrawal by calculating the amounts based on 4 types of price lists:

  • The price list per quintal: calculated on the basis of a price list linked to the customer and to the province of destination;
  • The price list per kilometer: calculated based on the type of vehicle and the customer;
  • The price list at the pallet: calculated on the basis of a price list linked to the customer and to the province
  • The forfait price: amount that can be entered manually.

Also check for any additional charges:

  • the percentage for the withdrawal of the mark, calculated according to the customer but also taking into account the minimum and maximum amount agreed;
  • the fixed right;
  • the shore;
  • forwarding in the province;
  • the stock.

From these documents it is possible to distribute the shipments entrusted to the internal drivers or those entrusted to the correspondents with the calculation of the costs.


This model provides for the management of the epal, to keep track of the best and always know the exact number of those that must be received by the correspondents and those that must be returned to their customers. It also provides for the ADR with the various codes, to have a complete print that can be delivered annually.

It also keeps track of the maintenance and deadlines of all vehicle revisions, with the use of reminders, and allows you to create purchase and sales invoices with a summary of all shipments made per customer, also checking the deadlines of payments.


Each part of the model can be modified and adapted to the needs of your company.

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