Blog - Developers - 10/08/2009

The beginning of Nios4

During 2008 D-One presented and marketed the Nios3 management system. The first version was developed in 2005, while the second in 2007. The fourth and current version was introduced in 2018. Now, what surely surprised everyone was this time jump compared to the first three versions. In fact, while at the beginning we tried to create a product every year or two, for the last version we expected more than 10 years.

The answer to this question is actually quite simple. The Nios project, like all the management systems of the same price range, had entered into that vicious circle of constantly renewing to justify to its own customers the cost of the annual updating.

If at the output of Nios1 the customers were very impressed by the few and practical features, the Nios3 customers complained of having too many features that they would never use. Features created because a small number of clients needed them, forcing the others to have them anyway.

If this first factor clashed with the D-One's vision, a company that has always created personalized software sewn and tailored on the specific customer needs, the second real challenge was precisely the historical moment, that is, the transition from the concept of computer in the office to that of working on the move. 2008 was the year where people could begin to explore the potential of the iPhone and through Facebook, understand what the "Internet 2.0" really meant.

In this world that began to understand, and without even realizing, to launch into those technologies that really changed everyone's life, a Windows program called Nios3 was born. A program that, like a red fish, from day to day understood the difference between a bowl of water and the ocean.

Understanding the limits of the program, we understood the company's limits due to the lack of knowledge of this new ocean and we decided to develop a program with two simple and powerful features:

Each of them, could and should have its own management program tailored to their specific needs.

The system had to be used anywhere and under any conditions.

This was the beginning of Nios4. The desire to create a system with unique features that should not be revalued every year and that can be used always and anywhere. So, in August 2009, the designing of the project began, understanding what must be done to get there, leading D-One in these 10 years to hiring staff who was specialized in the mobile and Web domain, developing technology and know-how to get it today to have that program.

Ten years, not simple years, but, seeing what has been created, they allowed us to understand that there were necessary sacrifices to reach June 7, 2018 for writing this post.

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